“In my profession as a psychologist I interact with both law enforcement and fire officials. In this capacity I have had contact with Rose for the last 10 years. She has provided information that has proven direction to both the fire and police department in their investigations , specifically regarding the description of arsonists and terrorists. In addition to the information she has provided to me, I have several patients who also see her and report on the astonishing level of her accuracy in predictions and insight.

— Robin Klein

“I adore Rose! I call her about twice a year and she’s beyond amazing. She’s more like a therapist than a psychic…she doesn’t just give you a reading and say “good luck!!” She genuinely cares. She’s told me details of my life and family that no one else would know, helped me feel hopeful after a tragic death from someone very close, and reassured me when I felt doubtful. She’s also warned me of pitfalls and associating with the wrong people. She’s down to earth and…just completely rocks!!

— D.J. From San Francisco California

“Wednesday I went to see Rose for my 5th time and, as usual, I am so impressed with her ability to be so right on about what is going on in my life. It just amazes me how accurate she is knowing things about my past that there is no way anyone could have known. I have taken my daughter-in-law and two other friends to see Rose and they too can’t believe how right she is with their lives. I will continue to see Rose in the future.

— Connie From San Marcos, California

“Rose is great. I am writing this review after waiting 6 months to see if her predictions came true, and many of them did. Especially impressive was her information about a medical condition I didn’t know I had and a business development that was way off of my radar screen. She is compassionate and accurate. Highly recommended.

— Cynthia From Costa Mesa

“I was referred to Rose and she was amazing! Rose knew my 1st name and asked the month and day of my birthday. Within minutes she filled my heart with joy! I lost my 1st love 34 years ago due to a freak accident and she was able to connect us in a way that filled my heart with that love all over again, and she was able to fill in all the questions that I have been carrying inside for all these years. She is compassionate, accurate, and I would recommend her for everyone that needs to connect with the past and to help you make the right choices for your future ventures. I will be forever thankful to Rose.

— Janice From Huntington Beach, California

“I have to say that Rose is one truly amazing and gifted person. She has helped me through trying times in my past. I was unemployed and wrongfully terminated and she predicted that I was going to hire a lawyer that has red hair. Well, my good friend whom works for a law firm asked me to speak to one of their lawyers. When I researched this lawyer that I recently hired, she had red hair. Rose also told me that I was going to start a job in January and I was hired by an insurance agent in January. If you need help with clarifying anything…go see Rose…you will love her.

— Darlene From San Diego, California

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